World Wide Web

This page lists books about World Wide Web technologies. See also the pages for PHP and Perl.

Publisher’s information Comments
5th edition
by Chuck Musciano and Bill Kennedy
August 2002
ISBN 0-596-00382-X

This is a good reference book for using HTML and XHTML. Unfortunately, the book is a little dated in its reference to old web browsers. And the authors have an unfortunate distaste for XHTML. In my opinion, it’s time for a new edition.

The book’s chapters are:

  1. HTML, XHTML, and the World Wide Web
  2. Quick start
  3. Anatomy of an HTML document
  4. Text basics
  5. Rules, images, and multimedia
  6. Links and webs
  7. Formatted lists
  8. Cascading style sheets
  9. Forms
  10. Tables
  11. Frames
  12. Executable content
  13. Dynamic documents
  14. Netscape layout extensions
  15. XML
  16. XHTML
  17. Tips, tricks, and hacks
Cascading Style Sheets: The Definitive Guide
2nd edition
by Eric A. Meyer
March 2004
ISBN 0-596-00525-3

Although cascading style sheets are a big improvement over the older tag-based formatting of web documents, CSS is a failure in terms of ease of use. Simple things, like centering or creating two-column layouts, are unnecessarily difficult. This book goes a long way towards explaining how to do things, but it badly needs a section on simple methods. You must buy other books by Eric A. Meyer to learn these.

The book’s chapters are:

  1. CSS and documents
  2. Selectors
  3. Structure and the cascade
  4. Values and units
  5. Fonts
  6. Text properties
  7. Basic visual formatting
  8. Padding, borders, and margins
  9. Colors and backgrounds
  10. Floating and positioning
  11. Table layout
  12. Lists and generated content
  13. User interface styles
  14. Non-screen media