affyQCReport R Package


affyQCReport is an R package for generating QC reports for Affymetrix microarrays. An affyQCReport analysis is intended to provide a quick assessment of the data quality for a group of arrays.

The affyQCReport package makes use of the BioConductor affy package for reading cell files and generating several of the plots. The QC plot from the BioConductor simpleaffy package is also used.

affyQCReport generates several new plots and creates a printable PDF file. The package includes a sample data set that can be used to create a sample report. See the vignette for more information.

The main page for the affyQCReport package is located at Craig Parman’s web site at The affyQCReport package has been submitted to the BioConductor project.

Version 1.6-2

This version of affyQCReport is designed for use with R 2.1.1 and BioConductor version 1.6.


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