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Do Developers (and Data Analysts) Need a Second Monitor?

On Datamation yesterday, Eric Spiegel asked, “Do Developers Really Need A Second Monitor?” The discussion rages on at Slashdot. There is no such thing as too much desktop, as far as I’m concerned. In my experience, all software developers can increase … Continue reading

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Comment Spam (Part 3)

I have posted twice already (here and here) about my experiences with comment spam. As I have related, management of comment spam was spinning out of control until I activated the Akismet plugin for WordPress. On my second post, I … Continue reading

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How “Organic” Is Organic Food From China?

Last night Johanna Bäker made a wonderful salad, for which one of the ingredients was Cascadian Farm frozen organic edamame shelled soybeans. The package had these labels: Cascadian Farm Organic Photo of the Cascade Mountains Founded in Skagit Valley, WA … Continue reading

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Perl 5.14 Released

Perl 5.14 was released on May 11. chromatic is celebrating with a “free ebook giveaway” of his book Modern Perl. (OK, that’s a joke because the book is already free.) More seriously, however, chromatic in an earlier post rages against Linux … Continue reading

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StackExchange: English Language & Usage

For word mavens, StackExchange has added, “English Language & Usage, a collaboratively edited question and answer site for linguists, etymologists, and serious English language enthusiasts.” This new site has already attracted many interesting questions and answers. The best question so far … Continue reading

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Advice for Job Hunters

wickline, who is leaving her or his current job, provides good advice today at about how to organize a job search. I have one piece of advice (based on a recent experience while reading résumés) for Perl developers who are looking … Continue reading

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Data Science

David Smith writes today on the Revolutions blog about the new terms data science and data scientist. Smith provides good background on the recent appearance of these terms and admits that he finds these terms useful. One link Smith provides … Continue reading

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