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Equal Pay Day

Scientopia features many posts today about Equal Pay Day. Today, April 12, marks the day in 2011 when the average woman has earned as much since January 1, 2010, as the average man earned in 2010. That is, it takes … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Some People Give Up Incandescent Light Bulbs?

There is a subset of the U.S. population who, when told by the government that doing something a particular way would be better for the entire U.S. as a whole, immediately resist. This includes such sensible things as fluoridated water, … Continue reading

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Providing Open Networks in Autocratic States

The growth of the Internet and wireless telephone networks has made it much easier for people to exchange information. Unfortunately, these technologies are tightly controlled in many countries where repressive governments seek to control the flow of information. Shervin Pishevar … Continue reading

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Oregon Loses and Wins

The University of Oregon lost the BCS Championship football game to Auburn, 19–22. But the University of Oregon won because it avoided becoming a football powerhouse. The universities with the best football teams place so much emphasis on sports that … Continue reading

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A Blow to the Death Penalty

An article by Adam Liptak in the New York Times today describes how the American Law Institute has given up attempting to maintain an intellectual framework for the death penalty. A study commissioned by the institute said that decades of … Continue reading

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