Perl Resources

Perl Resources

This is a list of online resources for Perl, mainly for my reference.


Perl Programming Language: A comprehensive site with links to everything in the Perl world.

Perl Programming Documentation: The complete documentation for Perl.

Modern Perl

Enlightened Perl Organization: “Enlightened Perl is a membership organization which is built around a movement within the Perl community. Its goals are complementary to the Perl Foundation. Specifically, we support certain Perl development efforts that ensure perl’s future as an enterprise-grade development platform.”

Modern Perl Books: A modern Perl blog, by chromatic.

Catalyst: The Perl MVC Framework.

Moose: A postmodern object system for Perl.


CPAN: Comprehensive Perl Archive Network: The place to go when you need a Perl module.

CPAN Testers Reports: “Find CPAN testers reports for all the modules on CPAN.”

CPAN Testers Wiki: “This wiki is the online reference for everything related to CPAN Testing. HowTos, Tutorials, FAQs and Notes are all here to help both beginners and experienced CPAN testers. If there is any aspect of CPAN Testing missing from this site you are encourage to update it.”

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